You can take Tylenol or Tylenol Extra Strength for headaches, aches and pains etc.

Do not take ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil or Aspirin type products during pregnancy.

You can eat fish, but it has to be well cooked. Due to the increasing levels of Mercury in the fish only two servings per week of fish is advised. If you are planning on eating tuna, shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish then only one serving per week is advised because these fish contain higher amounts of mercury.

Do not eat raw meats, fish or eggs. No raw sushi or ceviche.

Do not eat cold cuts or lunch meats because of the nitrites and nitrates and high salt content.

You need the Flu vaccine and the TDAP vaccine. Both you and your partner are advised by the CDC and ACOG to get each of these vaccines. Pregnant patients should get the mercury free vaccines.

Please choose cheese that is firm and pasteurized to eat.

Please limit your caffeine intake to less than 250 mg daily from all sources.

No DRUGS, SMOKING, TOBACCO or ALCHOL during pregnancy. That includes Marijuana and CBD. No Vaping. Try to avoid second hand smoke exposure.

Take your prenatal vitamin. It should contain 400 mcg of Folic acid and a minimum of 250 mg of 3 DHA.

If you have a history of a child with a neural tube defect than increase the amount of folic acid to 4 milligrams daily.

A pregnant woman needs 1200 – 1500 mg of Calcium daily. You can either get it from dairy products in your diet or by adding a supplement like OSCAL or Vita Chews to your routine.

Avoid temperatures greater than 100 degrees (no hot tubs, saunas or Jacuzzis).

If you have questions call the office!