Prenatal visits and prenatal laboratory testing at a glance:

6-8 wks:
First prenatal visit. In office trans-vaginal ultrasound. OB blood work lab slip give.

8-10 wks:
Trans-vaginal ultrasound. Panorama and Horizon kit given. To be done at around 10 weeks.

10-13 wks:
Go over OB blood work, genetic screening thus far. Schedule your level II ultrasound for 18-20 wks.

16-18 wks:
California second trimester screening to be done. If Amniocentesis is desired or necessary it will be scheduled for this time period.

18-20 wks:
Level II ultrasound to be performed at Obsterix Medical Center.

20-24 wks:
Routine Ob visit.

24-28 wks:
Blood work for gestational diabetes and anemia screening. Kick Count card. Consider cord blood banking.

28-31 wks:
If you Rh negative, you will receive Rhogam injection.

35-36 wks:
GBS vaginal culture performed. Pre-register at the hospital

37-41 wks:
Abdominal ultrasound for position and estimated fetal weight. Weekly ob visits.

Patients who opt for or who require any of the following tests: Genetic Counseling, NT testing, Amniocentesis, Level II ultrasound, and Fetal Echo will be referred to Obstetrix in Campbell. 408-371-7111.

We also recommend that you take a tour of the hospital you wish to deliver at. Those arrangements are made through the hospital directly.